which one is correct?


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i have acer nitro 5 an515-57 with i7 11th gen
when im using playing games thermal throttling kinda sus
if i play valorant temp is on 70-80 degrees is says no thermal throttling on hwinfo even on intel xtu
but when im playing csgo with the same temp it says thermal throttling on intel xtu but not on hwinfo
can anyone explain?Screenshot 2022-07-11 194313.png
You should not use both HWiNFO and XTU at the same time to check the thermal throttling flag as when one of those tools detects throttling it must reset the flag, so the other one might not catch it in that moment.
Alternative you might watch the Distance to TjMAX value to determine how close the core is to throttling. This is not affected by concurrency issues.