thermal throttling

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    What are the specific conditions for a CPU to get flagged as thermal throttling by HWinfo64?

    I Wanted to know how the thermal throttling flag in HWinfo64 works. Does the CPU get flagged as thermal throttling as soon as it starts to reduce its 'boost' clockspeed or is there a certain threshold for it?
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    RTX 4070 - HWINFO64 Thermal Throttling while undervolted.

    Hi everyone, I'd just like to know how and why the "Performance Limit - Thermal" of my GPU indicates a "Yes" while my core temp is just at 59.7C while the hotspot is at 77.4C. I've undervolted my RTX 4070 to about 950mV @ 2600MHz. My Memory Clock has just +400MHz. Moreover, the "Performance...
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    Thermal Throttling (Yes/No) sensor missing from Radeon RX 580

    Hello. First off, why are you guys using a forum of all things in 2023? Why not at least have an unofficial Discord server for this program? Anyway, with that out of the way, I have an MSI Radeon RX 580 with a bit of a 'troll spirit' in it that seems to be defying all logic. It has been doing...
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    Laptop throttle

    Hey , While playing demanding games my system throttles every 2-5 minutes , I got the Asus g14 2021 model (5900hs + 3060) here is the hwinfo sensors status HTC and PROCHTO EXT are marked as yes , and while its on yes the cpu+gpu frequency drops to less than 1k both .. the fps in games drops...
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    which one is correct?

    i have acer nitro 5 an515-57 with i7 11th gen when im using playing games thermal throttling kinda sus if i play valorant temp is on 70-80 degrees is says no thermal throttling on hwinfo even on intel xtu but when im playing csgo with the same temp it says thermal throttling on intel xtu but...