Interface to Embedded LCD Device


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I am developing my own embedded hardware monitor - LCD and TFT running on an ESP32S3. I have all the FW and GUI done, but am trying to ind the bes tway to actually obtain all the data I want to show, ie fan speeds, various frequencies and temperatures etc. All the data can be found

HW Monitor - works with all my HW - but no easy way to interface to data - except enabling logging, then parsing log and posting down UART/web interface
Open HW Monitor - doesnt support ROG x670E motherboard - but does have a web service to query the data meaning I can use wifi to obtain the data

So for this - HW Info - as it also has all the data I need, what's the best way to interface the HW Info data to any 3rd party app/service in windows, I want access to the data to send to my device. I saw there is an SDK, I presume I can use this ? But are there any otehr ways ?


I ran the HWinfo64, and its displaying the correct params and values, but when I run the HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe nothing is populated in the Memory Viewer. Is there something else I need to do ?
Great thanks for the help - I turned on the Sensor Status Window and also the Shared Memory Support from the HWiNFO64 Startup Settings, and all is working now. Although this looks like a great solution, manually starting a process on my PC to ensure my Embedded device is working doesn't seems feasible. It's a shame, I may have to find an alternative way. Thanks a lot for all your help though.