IR3563B PWD chip not detected on the 64bit version


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I can see these sections only on the 32bit version for some reason. Latest stable used.


The exact equivalent section on the 64bit version:

On the HWiNFO64 screenshot I can see that there are 36 sensor values hidden (by user).
So please try check sensor settings whether those you're missing might be hidden, alternatively you might try to do a "Reset Preferences" or "Restore Original Order".
That's odd behavior since the ini files were in both cases the default that came from the download.

Yes, that fixed it, by clicking on "Reset Preferences".

I guess that should be the default on a new ini.
Machine-specific settings like hidden sensors are not stored in the INI file, but in the registry instead.
And there are different paths in registry for HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64.