Is it possible to log the values of a given item over a period of time and then export them into a spreadsheet that could be made into a graph?


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Hi, first of all, great app, thank you to the creator for making it.

My question is this: let's say I'm curious how my GPU memory temperature changes during the gameplay and I wanna see a graph of it. Is it possible with hwinfo to log that temperature over a given period of time (say I'd manually start and stop the logging), and then export that log into a file type that would let me create a graph of it? Say into an .xls file? And if that's not possible, does anyone know of another app that lets you do that?
MSI Afterburner does allow for logging, but it seemingly always exports it into a .txt file which I dont know how to make a graph from. The Radeon Software (I'm an AMDdrone) used to let you do this with some tricks, but that app doesnt track the memory value.