Issue With GPU Readings


Hello got an issue with my 8800GT on windows XP and the hwinfo sensors.

Ive setup my lcdsmartie screen to read stats like the temp and fan speed of the graphics card, however when I play any game the sensors move around and I have to keep correcting them, everything else seems to stay put it’s just the gpu that’s the problem.

Is there any way of locking the sensors in place so this doesn’t keep happening?

Hello, what i mean is once i start a game say sensor 36=gpu fan changes to 38 which is core voltage
Ok found the issue at last, in the sensor page there was an ATI sensor that had a fan speed of 27,000rpm lol its obviously a rogue sensor, once i removed it started working ok.
I also changed from NVAPI to the other one in the settings now my game stuttering has gone too.

Motherboard is an ASUS M4A78-PRO