Issues with "Examining system configuration"

Sorry, There is no way, for the moment anyhow, to solve this issue. I appreciate the effort you have put into for helping me. For now I have to use the HWMonitor. Thanks again! Perhaps we can solve it in the future.
Yes, started up without any issues at all.
1) Can I use this program as default? I noticed it is a BETA
2) Shall I uninstall the old one?
Yes, you can use this build, most Beta builds are fully stable. This however might not work properly if you have an ASUS X3xx or X4xx series mainboard.
My motherboard is ASUS GA35DX with Chipset AMD X570 (Bixby).

But one thing, I download the link and extract and after that doble click on the program to install it. I click on “Install anyway” as usual. What happen is, is that the program starts direct without being installed somewhere. It stays in the Download Map.

The old one was installed into C:/Program files/HWinfo
HWiNFO doesn't need to be installed, it's fully portable and can be started from anywhere. If you have HWiNFO already installed and want to use the Beta/Portable one, just copy the new HWiNFO64 (.exe) file over the previous installation folder.