Limit Export of Sensor Logging

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Hi everyone

I've recently asked myself if it would be possible to select specific sensors for the sensor logging csv?
I was able to customize my view in the hwinfo GUI but the csv hast still all the available sensors reported.

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Sorry, no. There's no filter for sensor logging.
You might try to disable monitoring of values, which you don't need and those should not be included in the log.
But Martin ... I think this is exact what ist looking for (or I'm wrong?):

Which sensor is logged depends on the configuration of:

  • HWINFO64 Sensor Settings
  • Layout
  • Monitoring CheckBox (of any sensor):
     - YES: sensor is logged
     - NO:  sensor is not logged
Example: if you uncheck the "Monitoring" CheckBox of "Physical Memory Used" -> sensor is not longer part of the "sensor logging csv":



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