FEATURE Localization

Thank you for the suggestions but since a lot of languages are already done quite well, I don't think I'm going to switch to a different platform. Also, HWiNFO contains a large amount of technical terms, many of them are hard to translate or have ambiguous meanings.
Sure, that's fine. It's just much more complicated and more time consuming to keep track of changes and maintain consistency, as a translator. To me being able to use things like a glossary and translation memory would only make it easier to maintain terminology. For example Finnish, is currently full of proglems specifically related to technical terminology (not surprising since Google doesn't often do very well with Finnish terminology).

I'm just simply pointing out that it means that we must take the project on like a printed book, which means that you must either remember all the variations, forms and terminology you use or keep manual, static notes on the side. It also means that none of all that "invisible" work will benefit anyone else who might want to offer translations or continue the translation in the future.

I used to translate many smaller aps and some web services many years ago (like 15+ years ago), before I ever heard of Crowdin and the like but stopped doing it because those static files often got reset with version updates and there was rarely any way to keep up with the changes and you basically had to redo the work constantly.

Now, with these services, these services offer high productivity, backed with fine QA features, and every suggestion may benefit everyone. Additionally tanslators can also easily share opinions and feedback even between different languages, on string level, and to me that is a huge added value. I also see these services as great platforms for learning, which doesn't really happen through GitHub where only us techies reside.

I don't really translate software/services for myself because I have zero trouble using them in English and I often even prefer it because terminology mistakes are actually quite common, even in professional Finnish translations. It's common to see translation that have been clearly made without knowing exact context and/or by someone not familiar with the subject matter, and/or in hurry to meet some deadline.

With all that being said, I will see if I can get myself to make improvements via GitHub, even if it takes at least twice longer than it takes via Crowdin.
I would improve the Hungarian translation. Please add me to the list of contributors.
(efi99 on Github too)
I can't find some strings in lang.txt, namely

on Tray icon tab: "Text:", "Font:", "anti-aliased";
on General tab - Date/Time Format drop down menu: "Default"
on Customize tab - "Font", "Italic"
on Gadget tab: "Sidebar". "Entry" is translated but it not applied on this tab.
Some items thought to be hard to translate (or better kept in English) were not included in the translation set.
I will fix some of those above.