LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

What does it prohibit? Thousands separator is removed by HWiNFO so it won't make it into the CSV.
You can also alternatively use your preferred settings - "." as thousands separator, "," as decimal and semi-comma ";" as CSV. I think the LogViewer should support that.
Just make sure that the separators don't collide because in such case it's impossible to properly interpret it.
Now I was confused about a wrong error message of the viewer.

At first I had "," as decimal separator and "." as thousands sep. "," as logging sep.

Then I tried "." as decimal sep. and "," as thousands sep. and tried ";" as logging sep.

Therefore the LogViewer spit out an error message, that the decimal sep. has to be "." and the logging sep. has to be ",".

So, because the decimal sep. already was "." I thought the thousands sep (",") was prohibited ...

Then I changed the values to "." for decimal sep. and "," for thousands sep. and "," for logging sep. and it "worked". But the RAM and V-RAM values are still wrong. The viewer plots 4.0 as 40 and 0.6 as 6 for example.
The last option should work.
According to your screenshots it seems you're using a very old version of HWiNFO. Upgrading to the latest one should solve the problem.
grrrr ... now happened what I was afraid of ... everything is gone and I have to reconfigure all of it ... that's the reason why I wanted to know if that error is known and solved in the new version ...

I backuped my settings before the update into the .reg file within the settings of hwinfo. Then I updated and the sensors-screen was corrupted, as I remembered correctly from earlier updates ... Then I thought and hoped that only a few more sensor-lines would have been added and I simply remove them ... but they were changed too ... Now the gpu power from the older hwinfo version is the gpu memory available counter for example ... And because I do not remember which gpu power value I used before the update and did not want to try everything out again, I uninstalled hwinfo completely, reinstalled the older version, clicked the backuped .reg-file and started hwinfo, but every setting is still gone ... I told you


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... luckily I made screenshots of every setting ... most of the settings within the sensor window were okay (version 6.2, reinstalled), but all of the settings within the main window were gone ...

I figured out the former problem. There are TWO options to set the thousands separator (at least within v6.2), one within the "General" settings tab and one within the "Custom". It did not work with "," at "General" and "." at "Custom" (I had overlooked the last option), but it works now when both of them are set to ",".

I will use the old version furthermore. Works fine.


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How can I get back the option to open the main window and system summary via right-click at the task symbol? I only got sensors and settings, accidentally, after reinstalling v6.2.
V 6.20 that you used is almost 3 years old, a lot of things have been added and changed since then so it's hard to guarantee backwards compatibility.
For that option you need to de-activate Sensors-only mode in case you used that.
Yes, but my system is almost 12 years old (cpu, gpu, mainboard, ram), at least most of it, so hwinfo should work quite nice (probably without possible issues due to incompatibilities of a newer version).

I tried to change the HWiNFO64.INI tonight, but it did not work. But I gave it a try right now and it worked. Everything's fine now. Thank you!
Hi all,

in case of HWiNFO the Generic Log Viewer (GLV) needs
  • Comma as value separator
  • Dot as decimal separator
which are default-values of HWiNFO (I guess).

In my logfiles no thousands separator is used, maybe it's ignored if specified thousands separator is equal to value separator (?). The same happenend in older HWiNFO versions, see Post #130.
Additional I put the logfile within "test2.zip" in Excel to calculate minimum, average and maximum value. With the resolution of "no dot numbers", the calculated values of GLV are correct:


Best regards


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No, the values are not correct. I do not have 40 GB of RAM installed/used for example nor 5.5 GB of V-RAM.

But, as I said: Problem is already solved. But it could be necessary for me to change the thousands separator also to "." when the GPU fan is spinning above 1000.
OK, I mean in case of GLV correct !

GLV don't know how much RAM you have installed. GLV uses the data in the logfile to calculate minimum, average and maximum -> these values are mathematically correct, based on your logdata !
Please, fix a bug.
Shows unknown symbols

Log record in russian version HWinfo & have Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Russian language


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Hi i.bylich1,

OK, I had a quick look at your logfile and here are some comments:
  • I translated header line to English (with Deepl), which seems to work
  • two category names are "empty" (?) -> shown in GLV as first log-categories " - Data 1" and " - Data 2"
  • all other translated category names are making sense
  • but: you should disable some log categeries, logging all of them (here 242!) could drop performance
  • and: you can rename the log category names in HWiNFO "sensor configuration" -> define english names
Anyway: translating the header is not something, which can be done for any russian or chinese logfile!
Especially if there are "wrong characters" already in the logfile, what should GLV do with such characters ... no idea how this should be handled ???

--> it's not a bug and there is nothing to fix in Generic Log Viewer !



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BTW: I opened the russian logfile with some other (russian) codepages for character-mapping: 855, 866, 20866, 20880.

Codepage 20866 generates category names like this:


Does they makes more sense ?
Hi all,

regarding the last posts in this thread here is a good YouTube video that deals with the pitfalls of the CSV-format. The coding problem is explained from 2:52 onwards:
Stop Using CSV !

We can go for a different format but something that would make it easy to add items on the fly.
Any recommendations?