LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

Hi all,

With TXT we have the same encoding issues as with CSV

The described alternatives in the YouTube video have a major issue: not supported by Excel for import so far!
You already wrote in Post #207 "Another solution would be to introduce a new CSV format with UTF-8 encoding". So
  • I opened one on my HWiNFO logfiles
  • replaced in the header the original log-categories with some Unicode characters
  • saved this changed file in UTF-8 format
  • opened this file with actual version of Generic Log Viewer 6.4

It seems to work: (ignore the leading zeros, used for sorting)



  • LogSavedInUTF-8.zip
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UTF-8 format will solve the special character encoding in other locales but won't solve the conflict when using comma as decimal separator.
But decimal separator is anyway configurable in HWiNFO Log Settings (?) or "YOU/we" define FIX for HWiNFO UTF8-CSV-logfiles:
  • Encoding UTF-8
  • value separator: , (comma, but see BTW below)
  • decimal separator: . (point)
  • optional thousands separator: ' (single apostroph)
  • String-values can be within: " (double quotes)
  • quotes withing string values: ' (single apostroph)
    - not recommended
    - if logcategory name is manually changed by user: double quotes in log-category names will be automatic replaced with single quotes

BTW: the comma/point decimal separator problem exists only if we use comma as value separator. Other possible values for the value delimiter are semikolon or tabstop.
I prefer semikolon, so decimal separator can be comma OR point, depending on Windows culture settings!

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I think that straight changing to UTF-8 encoding should cause no issues.
It will be no change for the majority of users using English language. Those using other languages were running into issues with the ANSI output anyway, and the UTF-8 output seems to be automatically recognized and properly interpreted by most tools including GLV.
Hmm, there's just one caveat. The UTF-8 output format will require a Byte Order Mark = 0xEF 0xBB 0xBF sequence at the beginning of the file. This could cause issues with some legacy software that doesn't recognize this sequence.
OK, to minimize a possible negative impact I have decided that:
- HWiNFO64 in English langue will keep producing ANSI log files
- HWiNFO64 in other languages will produce UTF-8 encoded log files
This change will happen starting with the next build.
Hi all,

I have just seen in the release notes that logging with UTF-8 Encoding has now been released:

I can confirm that German log files now have an UTF-8 BOM and can be read by the Generic Log Viewer without any problems:


@LannTheSmart and @i.bylich1
Please try logging with a HWiNFO version >= 7.70 ...