LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

Yes, I have added sensor names at the last row into the log file.
Otherwise it was not possible to know which value belongs to which sensor if there were multiple ones.
OK Martin,

I just saw that there is now an "additional sensor definition line" at the end of the file, because there was already ONE at the end, now there are TWO (see e.g. post #25 of this thread) !

So, it's enough to delete just the last line in such a "new logfile", that it can be opened with the actual version 3.1 of "Generic Log Viewer". If I have time I will fix that, but the biggest problem is that I have actually no Visual Studio Development Environment ready (after change to Windows 10), maybe I can set one up in a Virtual Machine ...
I had to include the sensor names, but putting this at the first row would cause even more problems with tools parsing the results.
Would be great if you could update Generic Log Viewer.
Hi all,

I spend some time to improve the GenericLogViewer, so Version 4.0 has two new features:
  • possibility to compare different categories of one file in one diagram
  • possibility to present diagrams in a "dark style"
1) Multiple categories of one file in one diagram
If you have only one file loaded, you can find a new "+" button on the right side of the category ComboBox in every diagram:


This button allows you to add up to two more category ComboBoxes. :exclamation: Attention: be aware of comparing same units (within [..]) :exclamation: Comparing CPU [MHz] with CPU [%] doesn't make sense ... . You can reset the "number of category ComboBoxes" to one with the follwing trick:
  1. Select "number of files" = 2
  2. Select "number of files" = 1
2) Diagrams in a dark style
Together with YouTuber F2F Tech I developed a "dark style" for the diagram section. In the header of GenericLogViewer you can find a CheckBox "Dark mode" which enables/disables the dark style in the diagrams. Why not a complete dark style like "Metro Style"? I personally like the contrast between the control and diagram sections :)


... two more things:
  • Upgrade from Visual Studio 2010 -> 2017
  • Upgrade from .NET 4.0 -> 4.6.1 (released November 2015)
Hope you enjoy the new features ... Tom

Download - GenericLogViewer - Version 4.0
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Hi all,

I did a recompilation of the version 4.0 (without code changes), because I noticed that the Compiler setting was configured for 32-bits only. So please, if you have already downloaded version 4.0 (until 12.09.2018), download version 4.0 again. You can verify your version in the "file details settings":
  • Version 4.0.3158.37685 25.08.2018 32-bit
  • Version 4.0.3177.17740 12.09.2018 32- and 64-bit
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Hello TomWoB!
Thank you for your useful program. I want to offer a few points for improvement.

About reading data from HWINFO logs.

1. It is not clear why developers of HWINFO do that, but the fact is that the header names of the data of HWINFO logs divided into two parts. At the beginning of the file only the first part is written, and at the end of the file both two parts are written. And if you read header names only from the beginning of CSV file - it is not clear what data it means. For example, there is "GPU D3D Usage [%]" - but it can be for CPU iGPU, or for multiple GPU external graphics cards. GenericLogViewer shows both of them as "GPU D3D Usage [%]". I think GenericLogViewer should take these two parts and combine them into one category name. For example:
"GPU D3D Usage [%] - CPU [#0]: Intel Core i7-5700HQ: Enhanced", or
"GPU D3D Usage [%] - GPU [#1]: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M:"

2. For some reason the program plot graphs for only one "column" of data with the same name, even if I choose different rows for different charts, example: "GPU D3D Usage [%]" from the middle of the list (I know that this is for the iGPU built into the CPU i7-5700HQ) and "GPU D3D Usage [%]" from the end of the list (I know that this is for the GPU GTX 950M). In the CSV file I see that they should have different data.



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Hello garniv,

here are my comments to your post:
  1. good idea, I haven't this problem on my radar, even Martin described it already on reply #61. My first thoughts are, that I will add sensor name only in case of a category name is not unique (like your "GPU D3D Usage [%]" example). If I add the sensor names to all category names, GenericLogViewer will run into a "space problem" with the category ComboBoxes, especially when you have multiple categories of one file selected. Additional: I think I will sort the categories, that the two "GPU D3D Usage [%]" entries are side by side.
  2. That's a bug. But with the improvement of 1. we will get "unique category names", so I think the problem will be gone automatically ... I hope :dodgy:
Some more thoughts:

this will only work in case of HWINFO has already stopped logging, because sensor names are only written in the footer! If you use "Reload"-button during logging, GenericLogViewer don't have the sensor names so far ...

  • why are the sensor names only in the footer and not in the header too?
  • why are the category names not sorted ?
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Sensor names are in the footer, because this was a late addition and I didn't want to break compatibility with existing parsers if I'd add them to the header.
New Version 4.1

Hi all,

I created a new version 4.1, which solves the problems described above in reply #71:
  1. GenericLogViewer attaches now the sensor names to the category names if available (logging stopped) and needed (category names are not unique). Example: "GPU D3D Usage [%]" from above will create the following two different category names:
    - GPU D3D Usage [%] @ CPU [#0]: Intel Core i7-5700HQ: Enhanced
    - GPU D3D Usage [%] @ GPU [#1]: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M

    In case of logging is not already stopped (sensor names are not available), e.g. "Reload"-button is used, we get the following category names
    - GPU D3D Usage [%] - Data 1
    - GPU D3D Usage [%] - Data 2

    A combination of both is also possible (logging stopped, but category + sensor name is not unique), e.g. my motherboard delivers
    - CPU [°C] @ ASUS X99-A II (Nuvoton NCT6791D) - Data 1
    - CPU [°C] @ ASUS X99-A II (Nuvoton NCT6791D) - Data 2

  2. the problem of the "same data" is fixed, because unique category names are now guaranteed with 1.

Additional: category names are sorted from now on:


Hope you enjoy the new features ... Tom
(and thanks @garniv for detailed problem report and beta testing)

Download - GenericLogViewer - Version 4.1
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Just wanna say thanks for making this. I've been having issues with my pc locking up and just downloaded hwinfo last night to try and determine what's happening, but was having a lot of trouble reading the log. this makes the log much easier to use.
With version 4.1, I'm having issues opening new logs generated in HWiNFO64 v5.90. I get an error message stating, "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."

I can open old logs just fine, but any log created recently gives me this error message. I have the file that is giving me problems attached.

Thank you for this great tool! Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi euronate,

I had a look at the logfile you uploaded and it looks like, that the "hours" of the logging timestamp are missing!
Here e.g. line 632-637: direct after"year", the "minute" is logged:


is this a bug in HWINFO64 v5.90 ?

Update: ok, I tried it myself with version v5.90-3550:
  • timestamp ist correct (with "hours", see below)
  • logfile can be opened with Generic Log Viewer without any issue
  • my logfile has a millisecond resolution

Hm ... maybe Martin has some information/explanation (?)

HWiNFO should always write the hour into logfile.
Is the attached logfille original as produced by HWiNFO, or was it perhaps modified in between ?