LogViewer for HWINFO is available !


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Great tool, thanks for it!

But I have a trouble saving setup to a file. I will get the error "Culture is not supported. Parameter name: name en-EN is an invalid culture identifier." (translated to english) when I do it on PC with Windows with foreign language - in my case cs-CZ.

The config file will not be saved.
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New Version 5.4

Hi all, I built a version 5.4 with the following new features:
  • "Reload file" button can be configured to display only the "last x minutes"
  • after clicking "Reload file" button, Y-axis scale of Timeline-diagrams moves to the right side, because there are the "more interesting/latest values"
How to configure display only the "last x minutes":
  1. Click on "Edit" button (in main-window near filename)
  2. Configure a "last minutes" value
  3. Click "Apply"


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Download - GenericLogViewer - Version 5.4


Wow! I download Generic Log Viewer to troubleshoot my intermittent black screen issues from a hwinfo log file I had running during last occurrence.

First time I run Generic Log viewer .exe it temp black screens my monitor then recovers. I click off X box to resart.

Second time I run it black screens my monitor for so long computer re-boots... Ironically I am unable to use Generic Log Viewer without crashing my PC...

It never crashed before just very intermittent black screens and auto recovers without shut down.


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Hard to imagine how an application could cause such a black screen... This must be triggering some other issue in the system, might be some problem with GPU drivers.