LSI RAID isn't detected after update from 7.26 to 7.30


I have a LISI/Avago/Broadcom 9265-8i RAID card with 7x WD 1tb Velociraptors on Windows 10. I installed HWinfo64 7.26 and then the x64 files from Though HWinfo still couldn't see the temp of the card it could see other specs for the card and individual drives. I then updated to HWinfo 7.30 and the sensor list no longer shows the card or the drives. Is this fixable or should I stick with 7.26? (BTW thanks for such a great utility!)
Can you please attach HWiNFO Debug Files from both v7.26 and 7.30 so I can check in detail why is this happening?
Hmm, there was no change in HWiNFO in LSI support between v7.26 and v7.30 so I'm really wondering about this.
In v7.30 I can see that HWiNFO queries the LSI libraries but they don't respond (init fails).
Are all the LSI libraries properly applied in v7.30 ?
The Date Modified matches the files in\x64. Copied them into C:\Windows\System32. Is there another step I missed?

I'm assuming this is a low priority bug, given the age of the card and lack of me too responses. If not I have a spare 9265-8i you could borrow. It requires a fan header, x8 slot, and a SATA drive.
It's not a low priority issue but I'm really scratching my head what could have gone wrong as there were no changes between 7.26 and 7.30 in that area or anything that could have such effect.