LSI MegaRAID integration.


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Hello i am using a LSI MegaRAID 9266-8i card, with hard disk sentinel and it some how sees the drive temperatures. If there is anyway i can help to figure out what to set in either MegaRAID Storage Manager, or if you could use the info from Hard Disk Sentinel. I'd be more then happy to help, i'd just love to be able to see the drive temperature output via rainmeter.

Labeled output on the dock.

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LSI uses a proprietary protocol to access such parameters and we are unable to support this directly.
There is a possibility to support it, but would require shipping HWiNFO with a couple of 3rd party libraries. I'm sorry, but this isn't something we're intending to do.
Maybe we could find a solution to implement this and the user would have to install the LSI libraries for enabling.


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OK, so I prepared an initial test build for LSI MegaRAID.
As the first step, you will need to download the LSI MegaRAID support libraries package here:, and extract the appropriate files into your windows\system32 folder.
If your operating system is 64-bit, extract files from the x64 folder of that package to c:\windows\system32 (assuming this is your system32 folder).

Then please download the test Beta version of HWiNFO here:
Run this build and disable Sensor-only mode, as first we need to check if this will show drives connected to your controller.
Also make sure to enable Debug Mode in HWiNFO per instructions here:
If HWiNFO will show the drives then you can also open the Sensors window to check if their SMART values along with temperature will show up.
After that, create a HTML Report File from the main menu, close HWiNFO and locate the HWiNFO64.DBG file in HWiNFO folder.
I'm really not sure if this will work as I didn't have a chance to test this on real hardware yet.
In either case, please attach the two files created (HTML Report + Debug File) here (you might need to compress them if they are too large), so I can analyze the details and see if/what needs to be fixed/improved.
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