Mainboard CPU Temp Sensor (Nuvoton NCT6797D) hang up


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Ive encountered an issue with my MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI Board.
Since a few days, when i open HWInfo64 with sensors only mode, the value of the CPU Temp of the MB Sensor (not from the AMD CPU) hang up and freeze.
It doenst alter anymore and stays a the current value. Which causes the fans not to spin up.
When I reboot its fine, also other programs like CoreTemp doesnt trigger it.
HWInfo64 takes a long time to go through all the sensors devices at start.
I have no other programs installed that interfere with it.


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Hmm, that looks like an issue with the sensor or sensor chip itself.
So after this happens and you start HWiNFO again, does it then take long time to start? I'd like to see a DBG file of such run.
Ive attached an debut file on the post. It always does take a bit longer to load, the sensors workss again after pc restart until i ran hwinfo64 again. I worry msi center has something breaked. But it is already full removed (even checked with autoruns64)
Unfortunately the DBG file you attached is not correct (only 28 bytes). I assume you have run HWiNFO again which has overwritten the previous file you created.
So the problem also occurs without MSI Core Center?
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Thanks. I think this might be an issue that was addressed in the latest beta build of HWiNFO. Please try latest v7.31 Beta and let me know.
Thanks for the fast reply! Beta Version v7.31-4890 fixed the issue and starting a way faster when detecting the sensors.
It seems i never noticed the bug in the last time.
for a time i thought MSI center destroyed my sensor...