Memory Channel Rank Max


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Hi, I've been having a problem with the Memory Channel Rank Max when i've been overclocking my i5 2500k on an ASRock z68 pro3 board.
Under a load the Memory Channel Rank Max, both 0 and 1 temperatures rise up past 95 degrees. This happens and I get repeated throttling of my vcore and multiplier for a second or two before it rises again. This is not good for the CPU. My questions are; what exactly is Memory Channel Rank Max and can these sensors be trusted?
Indeed, the "Memory Channel Rank Max" values reported are not precisely measured temperature values, but BW estimations of a Virtual Temperature Sensor. However, these values are used internally to engage memory management throttling in case they cross internal thresholds programmed (warm, hot, critical). These virtual sensors require calibration and various settings by BIOS to achieve precise estimation. So if you think the values are not ok and throttling occurs too soon, I'd suggest to contact the mainboard manufacturer for a BIOS update.
In case your sensors contain a DIMM Temperature Sensor and you see DIMM TS values reported, then you should rely on these values and the estimations should ideally be in sync with these values.