Memory clock inaccurate?


This might be a non-issue but I thought I'd ask anyway. I recently noticed that hwinfo doesn't seem to be showing slightly inaccurate memory clock speeds, it seems to be off by around 20. When I check my memory using cpuz, it's significantly closer to the correct timings. I am certain that HWINFO was showing the correct speeds just a few days ago and the only thing that changed in my computer was maybe a windows update.

Is this something I should be worried about or can I just ignore it as a bug/quirk?


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Memory Clock depends on actual Bus Clock (BCLK) in most cases.
What CPU is that, which HWiNFO version and what Bus Clock is displayed?
Cpu is ryzen 3700x, HWINFO v7.24

Strange. I installed an insider update forwindows 11 and now HWINFO is showing the correct speeds.

Bus clock is at 100mhz right now but I'm not sure what it was before it started working. I don't really know what was going on or if the windows updates actually contributed to the issue
It might have been some glitch during the measurement. You might try to latest Beta version that improves this.
I was originally thinking it was a failed overclock since the issue persisted across several reboots but yes I guess it was just a weird glitch. I'll go ahead and update to the latest version anyway.