Memory leak with latest version


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HWINFO64 was running real good until the past updates but with this latest one i think im having a memory leak because im leaving my laptop running all day long and the memory keeps increasing, slowly but its not sttoping, right now after almost 24 hours is at 76 mb.

I have Windows 7 64 bit, is there anything i can do to solve it?

Which HWiNFO version are you using?
There was a memory leak in v5.00, that was fixed ASAP in v5.02.
Also please check in Sensor settings if you maybe have enable the "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" option.
There's no memory leak confirmed in that version and I don't think that 76MB is too much (though it's higher than usual).
Can you see the memory usage to be steadily growing ? And you running HWiNFO in Sensors-only mode ?
Also please attach the HWiNFO Report File + Debug File, so I can check the details.
do i need to make any other thing more than activating debug and debug write for providing you the debug file?
Nothing else required, just make sure to enable the option before starting the system scan.
Thank you. I haven't yet determined the exact cause of this, so can you please try to disable the sensors one by one (right click and Disable Monitoring over the sensor heading) while watching if memory usage grows to see if you can catch the one that's causing it ?
Is common that hwinfo use cpu from time to time, i so 1- 3 - 4% cpu usage?

Im just disabling some of the monitorings to see what happens
Yes, reading the sensors can take some CPU time - it's a task like any other. But the exact CPU load can depend on the sensor being read, some require more extensive calls to other services, that can cause higher latency.
So does it mean that even if all sensor headings are disabled, memory usage is still rising ?
So do you see a difference when all sensors are disabled? And when you enable the NVIDIA GPU sensor only, then memory usage is rising faster?
i have cpu monitoring enabled too, and with that enabled is increasing slow, if i enable one gpu as the clocks didnt change so much the memory usage remains the same for long time
The only way the program dont increase the ram memory if all the monitorings are disabled, that not means this is a memory leak?
I have tested several systems and have been able to reproduce this only on one with a mobile NVIDIA GPU. So currently it seems like a memory leak in NVIDIA's support libraries (NVAPI), which can be fixed only in NVIDIA drivers.
But I'll keep testing and checking further...