MISSING Hardware Information on DELL 15 5547 Series


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HWINFO32 didn't show the secondary graphics card but lists only primary intel vga card.

Missing VGA card is AMD RADEON R7 M265

Required files has been attached.


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The attached DBG file is not complete, have you maybe terminated HWiNFO before completing the scan ?
But anyway, I assume the GPU is not shown because it's disabled (switched off) by the system in order to save power. When you run a graphics intensive application, it should automatically wake up, or you might check your preferences.
You might also try to enable the "Wake disabled GPUs (Extended)" option in HWiNFO to see if it's then able to wake it up.
sorry about the incomplete dbg file. I think you right. The 2nd gpu might be in hibernation but hwinfo32 never did this to me. I use hwinfo roughly 15+ times a day 6 days a week for the past 2 years and this is first time it misses something. Do you have any solution to those sleeping hardware because when i do a computer spec sheet i would love to list all the capabilities of the pc.

I ran hwinfo on battery power and i assume the hardware was sleeping as you said. but strangely it was listed under device manager.

Thanks for this great software you have made.
It seems you can't easily sort this problem out as you described under another topic that system blocks the way for hwinfo to look up for the hardware.

But i have the solution. :)

Why don't you modify hwinfo a little bit for the specific laptop model. For example when hwinfo ran on DELL 15 5547 a pop-up window appears with a small message saying "THERE MAY BE A SECONDARY GPU WHICH IS NOT DETECTED BY HWINFO YET ON THIS PC. PLEASE PLUG YOUR LAPTOP IN TO A POWER SOURCE OR CHECK DEVICE MANAGER IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE A 2ND GPU"

Just an idea.
Have you tried to enable the "Wake disabled GPUs (Extended)" option to see if that will bring up the GPU ?
Also you might try to connect it to AC power to see if that makes a difference.
Hi martin,
I haven't tried to plug the laptop to power but i know this probably could make difference. Anyway i wasn't aware of the WAKE DISABLE GPU option but i will check that option as default from now on.

Just another idea came to my mind about the graphics cards dropdown menu. Why don't you remove this dropdown menu and list vga cards side by side in case of user forgets to check secondary graphics card. Everytime i have to look at the dropdown menu in case if there is a secondary gpu there. Sometimes i forgot to check this.

This may not be a proper place to ask but is hwinfo listing 3G modem devices? Some of the laptops having this precious addition but i am not sure if those cards even shown in main pop-up window.

I hope i am not bothering.
I just wanted to know what actions would make the GPU to wake up - either running on AC power, or using that option in HWiNFO.
Regarding the GPUs listing, all GPUs are not listed there, because space is limited in that window and in case of a machine with 4 or more GPUs, this would require relatively lot of space reserved.