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I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this, please remove if it is.

Hi all, I've been having some really strange issues with my system which I just can't seem to pinpoint.

For some reason, whenever I try to run any games which put my graphics card under any load, My whole system hard crashes. The crash is similar to a power cut - the screen goes completely black, then the gpu fans slow down and once they seem to be idling at a low speed the pc will boot straight back up again.

This has been happening for the past couple of weeks and seems to be getting worse and more frequent. When this issue first started happening I ran a game for maybe around 30m-1hr without a crash, now I cannot play anything intensive perhaps even for more than 1 minute or less.

** A bit of background.

- Everything in my computer except for the PSU, GPU and Secondary HDD are fairly new, Around a year old and I've had no issues. Although the older parts are all from a previous build and are roughly 4-5 years old.
- All the games I am having issues with I have ran and played for long periods before on mid-high settings with no problems or performance issues.
- Before the crash happens game performance is always absolutely fine, 60fps+.
- I can run less intensive games such as Minecraft and Stardew Valley all day with no crash.
- This only happens while trying to run games.

** Specs
- AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Cores 3.60GHz w/ Stock cooler
- G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 2x8gb 3200MHz
- Kingston SSD 250gb Boot drive + a game or two
- Corsair CX750W Bronze Standard PSU (semi Modular I think).
- 1TB HDD (Generic storage)
- MSI GTX 970
- 2 stock NZXT case fans.
- NZXT H500 case

** Weird things I noted

I had installed a small 500gb HDD to boot into linux with. After the second or 3rd initial Crash the boot order had randomly changed to my Linux drive and seemingly forgotten my SSD. Even though they were still readable and accessible in the file manager. Once I removed this drive I had to plug the SATA connectors back in for the BIOS to recognize my SSD. This only happened once and I didn't reinstall the HDD.

The day after I started getting crashes I booted up and received an Nvidia driver error message. I reinstalled my drivers but kept getting crashes. I eventually used DDU to uninstall all my drivers and reinstall new ones using Geforce experience but this didn't change anything either. Although I have not received any driver error messages since.


From what I can see GPU usage is very high (although I believe that has always been the case) but thermals and voltage seem to be fine. Although I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for so I could be wrong. I tried using MSI afterburner to lower the power limit and change the fan curve which didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

I have a log of running 3Dmark with Fire strike - This crashed before the environment even loaded.
I also have a log of Xcom2 which ran for a couple of minutes before crashing.

I have attached them below, help would be really appreciated! I do not have the budget to replace parts right now so I'm really trying to avoid it!

If i've missed any information out please let me know


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Is your PSU a CX-Green or a CX-Grey?
Sorry, I should have clarified - it's a CX-Grey.
I posted on the nvidia forums also and it seems as though the PSU is the culprit.

*Link to post*

I capped the power limit as low as it could go (58%) and I was able to run the entirety of the 3dmark Firestrike benchmark successfully with no crashes. Which is a monumental improvement from being unable to even load the environment before crashing.

As i'm very new to hwinfo64 i've been getting my head around the log files and what I need to be looking for:

It seems as though the system crashes once the card reaches 150w+ power usage, After capping the power limit the card does not exceed 100w usage and ran successfully with no crashes.
I will be doing more testing today to, but it seems as though the PSU is the culprit.
I thought that to once I saw the CX, but I think Grays are way better than Greens.

You can monitor the main rails (+12V, +5V, +3.3V) for any unusual fluctuations from the board sensors.
Hi, did you ever find out the cause of this issue? I am having the same exact problems - crashing while running intense games or programs, but I can play smaller games with no issue. It's very frustrating.