New version shows weird values.


Recently I've noticed that thermal throttling was highlighted in red in hwinfo what wasn't before (on previous version of hwinfo) on top of that some values are a bit off.
and this is from today

min temp at -16
yesterday vcore at 3+V
this is from older version with same settings in bios:
no thermal throttling or negative C temps, that time had only problem with whea errors what is sorted out with new bios.
Are you perhaps running some other monitoring tool (including Ryzen Master) along with HWiNFO? That could be causing such issues.
Can Msi Afterburner do it? But I use it all the time and was fine with previous version. Also NZXT Cam but I don't think that can cause any problem as I use it as well with afterburner all the time. Ryzen master etc no.
My assumption is that when the other tools attempt to access certain shared resources in the CPU, a collision can occur resulting in reading invalid data. HWiNFO implements safe methods to do that and play nice with others too, but this requires similar synchronization methods to be used be others too.
And latest HWiNFO versions added reporting of much more parameters for AMD Ryzen processors, hence the probability of collision is higher.
Are you able to determine whether it's MSI AB or NZXT CAM causing this (or both) ? If this would be MSI AB then I could check this together with its author, but not sure about CAM.
Thanks. So CAM is the problem. Unfortunately I don't have any direct contact there, could you (as their customer) check with their support?
Update: The problem of accessing low-level shared resources in CAM should be fixed in 1-2 days, but I don't know yet when NZXT will release the fixed full package to public.
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I also have the same issue with this new version. I don't use CAM but MSI AB to monitor only GPU Values nothing CPU/MOBO related.
Ryzen 9 3900X
AMD Chipset Driver v2.01.15.2138


Can you check without MSI AB just to make sure it's not affecting this somehow? Also Ryzen Master might have a similar effect.
Can you check without MSI AB just to make sure it's not affecting this somehow? Also Ryzen Master might have a similar effect.
Ok been sometime now and it has behaved normally. Maybe something to do with MSI AB but I will keep it closed and see if I see unusual readings in HWINFO.
Please try the just released v6.23-4080 Beta if it shows the same issues.
Thanks for that. I will try it out if I see any unusual readings again. For now it has been behaving normally. I'm going to start testing it out with Ryzen Master v2.1.0.1424 running.