[Nitpick] Min value is not displayed properly


I'm using HWiNFO64 5.24-2850
I have an NB VID value that is stored in memory as 1.137500.
The maximum and the minimum of this value are 1.137500.
The average of this value is also 1.137500.
This value seemingly never changes.
HWiNFO displays the the respective current, minimum, maximum, and average values in the Sensor Status list as:
1.138 V | 1.138 V | 1.138 V | 1.137 V

I would expect MIN to be 1.137 instead of 1.138
I feel like this is such an insignificant thing, but my OCD compels me to create this thread
This is because of the rounding applied when 3 decimal digits are shown. In sensors settings try to set the decimal digits to 4 for those values and I think it should be accurate then.
The issue is that the values are rounded differently than I would expect. The Current, Minimum, and Maximum values round up, while the Average value rounds down, creating 'different' values where they are the same.
If the Minimum equals Maximum then Average should equal Minimum and Maximum. But that is not the case here, where 1.137 does not equal 1.138.
I suspect that Average is averaging a sum of current values instead of a list/table of current values

(As an aside, simulating this issue in Open Office Calc is quite interesting.)