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Hi, I'm having a problem having an effective clock.
I had an active/effective clock working great for about a day or so and all of a sudden, nothing.

Hard to say what's going on without seeing the HWiNFO Debug File. But it could be caused by Hyper-V virtualization or HVCI.
I'm sorry, but it looks like you launched HWiNFO again after you made the dump and it has overridden the previous data, so the file is on 28 bytes long. Please try again to create a full Debug from start.
Thanks. I can see now where the problem is - something in the system is messing up with the performance counters and doesn't allow HWiNFO to work with them (enable them).
This could be some 3rd party software, or the Windows Defender has been recently found to cause such issues too:
It seems the problem is with Intel extreme tuning utility software. But even with the software unistalled, It wont work with hwinfo. However throttlestop effective cpu speed seems to work perfectly.

"edit" I was able to remove the xtuservice folder and windows defender seems to has never been active because of my avira anti-virus software.

Counter counter is always saying 0x330.

Still not working. any other ideas ?
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That's really strange and I haven't seen such issue yet. Not sure what else could be causing that, perhaps some BIOS setting, security or virtualization.