No Fan Control? HP 8570 with Intel i5-3360M

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Hi Support!

I've read through a quite a few threads without finding the answer to this, so please pardon this post if I've missed something simple (very likely).

I used HWiNFO32 on my HP 8540 with great success to control the fan.  But on my 8570 with Intel i5-3360M, using HWiNFO64 v4.46-2330, there seems to be no way to access the Fan Control.  When I open Sensors, I don't see a fan icon or any other way to open the Fan Control window that I'm used to on my HP 8540.

I assume I've overlooked something right under my nose, so I do apologize in advance.  Can you help with what I'm (obviously) missing?

Many thanks!

Bruce Clemence :s
I'm not sure if it's possible to control fan speed on that model, but I can check. Please post a screenshot of the sensors window so that I can see all values. Also a HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data might be useful.
Cooling System (CS) in laptops is often built on a simple scheme - the heat from the heating elements assigned to the radiator heat pipes, blown high-speed fan sizes 30 - 40 mm due to the peculiarities of their structure - the distance between the boards in these machines is too low for efficient air cooling , and large-sized fan put physically nowhere and therefore uses a system of heat pipes with unmanaged fan is always running at maximum speed otherwise take tens of watts of heat from the board impossible. On the desktop where you can organize conventions air this problem is not there, you can use adaptive CS with having controlled fan speed sensor.
Thanks very much, Martin!  I'm attaching screenshots (3) of the Sensors dialog, one of the Summary dialog, along with a .DBG file. I'll add another post with a Sensor log and an HTML Report.

Sure appreciate the assist.  HWINFO was a lifesaver on my HP 8540 (a chronic overheater) and I'm hoping it can help the thermal problems on my HP 8570 as well!

Bruce Clemence


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Here are the Sensor log and the HTML Report.  BTW, the DBG file was created over only a minute or so because when I ran it for longer the file was too big (7 MB) to upload to the forum.


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I'm sorry, but I cannot implement fan control on this model. It uses a proprietary method that's known to the manufacturer only.
Argh!! Well, thank you so much for checking on it. Best of luck in the future with HWiNFO, which is a beautiful piece of programming and deserves the admiration it garners from so many fans.