No info for SM951


It looks like HWiNFO does not provide any info about SM951 drive (no temp, no SMART etc.). It only shows three lines: Drive Model, Drive Revision (incomplete, 4 chars only) and Device Type. Could you please add this SSD drive to the supported list?
Which driver are you using for that drive? It's recommended to use the Samsung one, which should be well supported by HWiNFO.
On Windows 10, the latest HWiNFO version should support the SM951 also when using the default in-box driver.
As far as I know, there is no driver for that drive from Samsung. I am using standard driver from MS. By the way, I am working with Win7, not 10.
Yes, there's no dedicated driver for SM951, but you can install the Samsung 950 Pro driver and it will work. On Windows 7 it's the only way to get full details about the drive.