No options at bottom of sensor window


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Still playing around here in this lab and found a problem - not sure if you can fix it but just posting it here anyways.

Connecting to a server with web / java based KVM client with lots of sensor lines to display. The sensor window is sized to the height of the screen (bottom of window is at the bottom of the screen behind the task bar) but when resizing it I noticed there's no buttons / options at the bottom of the window.

So I'm not sure if it's a KVM client thing or too many sensor lines. :)

Attached is what I see.



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Very strange, I haven't seen such issue yet. Not sure if it really might be because of the remote connection.
You might try to press Reset Preferences...
Ya, I'm pretty sure it's the KVM. Tried on another server with less information but the same problem.

Unfortunately I can't log in locally - there's no physical monitor or keyboard connected to the boxes and they're not mine to mess around with (physically). Ah well. :)