PCH thermal device is not detected or read after standby mode is triggered

I have noticed quite a long time ago that on my ASUS Vivobook X512JF-EJ021T (Core i7-8565U) that the PCH sensor is read only after boot till the device enters standby mode, once it has been on standby after being woken up the PCH sensor becomes grayed out and if you start HwInfo again it is not picked up. Ticking the "Enable PCH thermal device" in the settings does not make a difference.
I am attaching the debug files before and after standby mode with a clean HwInfo restart for each of the 2.
I don't know if this is an issue with ASUS or Whiskey Lake or if it is an HwInfo bug.


  • PCH reading working before system standby.DBG
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  • PCH reading disappeared after waking the system from standby.DBG
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This is unfortunately a problem of the BIOS and we can't fix that. The BIOS is responsible for configuring the PCH thermal device but after resume from sleep it forgot to restore this.