PCIEX16 and SYSTEM2 crazy temps on GIGABYTE B460M DS3H V2

Hi! I was checking the temperature sensors with HWiNFO and I saw that PCIEX16 and SYSTEM2 (Sistema2 in Spanish) are always that hot!
I want to believe that this is an error.. Or at least, if it isn't, I would like to know where are those readings. My GPU is 45ºC, not being used at that moment.
Is there something I can do? I'll attach everything. Here's the screenshot:

Captura de pantalla 2023-01-25 154802.png

I'll also attach the logs that are required to report an error.

Thanks in advance! ^^


  • B460MDS3HV2.HTM
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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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This mainboard doesn't have temperature diodes implemented on PCIEX16 and SYSTEM2 inputs so those values are invalid and should be ignored.
They will be removed in the next HWiNFO build to avoid confusion.