personal limitation, the greed speech


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Hello there

I have been using HWinfo since 2012. It WAS a good software, very useful with rainmeter.
Imposing the 12h limit of shared memory usage is not only to limit commercial use but will also make all the people like me, who use HWinfo in the background to keep an eye on the activity of their machine, pay.
Just for information, I use a lot of free software and every month I make a donation for one of them. HWinfo was getting a donation every month. From now on, I won't give 1 cent anymore. Foobar and gimp thank you for giving them your space.
I will buy aida64 which have the merit to be honest and not to propose a false free version without the most used functionality.
PS: as a reminder, all the programs that exist are free on the internet.
PS: I don't criticize the fact of proposing a paying program, I criticize the fact of lying about the amputation of the free version.

good communist kiss from russia