Personal use on work computer


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Trying to always respect the fellow programmer I have to ask and get a written explanation of your license scheme. So my question is:

Does using HWiNFO just to get the specs of my work computer (laptop / desktop / etc) just to know the machine I am working on and its expandability falls into the private or the commercial use?

I don't mean actually mass deploying, I mean me myself as an employee doing it for my (personal) knowledge.

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Thanks for asking :) This depends on the purpose/outcome of using HWiNFO.
If you're using it just to gain information for you personal knowledge, then it's private use and doesn't require a commercial license.
If you're an IT technician in your company and use it to gain information which will then help you providing recommendations for your company (e.g. upgrade options, etc.), then it's commercial use.
Thank you very much for the immediate response. I am happy to hear that. Nice to have this info.