Polling (or maybe just display?) delay/lag


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I just noticed today that the polling interval for sensors has started to become irregular and long (3-5 seconds). The clock at the bottom of the sensor status window reflects this lag as well (it only changes every 3-5 seconds). It could also just be the display and not the actual readings; hard to know. I have my polling interval set at one second. I tried restarting the program multiple times. I also found that I didn't have the most recent version (was v6.28), so I upgraded to 6.42. Nice dark mode! However, the upgrade didn't help either. I'd rather not have to restart my computer at this point in time, but if that's the only option, of course I'll do it when I can. I am not sure whether a debug report would be helpful here, but let me know if there's anything else I should report.

Update: I can add a bit of info here. When starting up without using sensors-only mode (that mode is what I usually use), I see that the CPU info in System Summary updates quickly and without issues. It is only when I open the sensors window that the polling issue begins, and it seems to carry over into System Summary.

I also just want to say how great this software is, and how few problems I've had throughout my use of it (this may actually be the only one).

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This is most likely caused by some sensor taking long time to read.
Activate the Profiling time column in sensor settings to determine which one is taking most time.
Thank you for the idea. I probably should've thought of that. It indeed appeared that the info relating to my UPS backup system was taking quite a long time to read (>3000 ms). I thought it had been there all along and reading fine, but anyway, I disabled it. Everything is working fine now. I don't really use those specific sensors much anyway. Thank you for the help!