Possible to read SMART from x570 nVME raid 0 array?


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Hello all, I just finished building my new system with the x570 Aorus Master and have 2 Inland Premium 2TB 3x4 nVME drives set up in raid 0 with RAIDXpert2 (from within windows, not BIOS, it's not my system drive because I'm not quite that insane). It's working well, but I noticed that I can't read the SMART values. I can't get them with CrystalDiskInfo either. Anybody know how? It's not a big deal if it isn't possible, I just like having things monitored for a while with new systems.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

BTW, totally recommend the Phison E12 3x4 SSDs. Great value and stupid fast.
Not sure if this is possible, it might require some proprietary methods.
But please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the machine, so I can check the details.