Power (Input) Wrong Z390 Aorus Master


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3 Cores Prime 95 Small FFT
Power (POUT) 98.000 W
Power (INPUT) 112.500 W

Looks fine

16 Thread Prime 95 Small FFT
Power (POUT) 220.500 W
Power (INPUT) 188.000 W (This seems to be the max it can goto)
It should be around 250 W at a guess


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This is what the VRM reports, so it must be a bug in its own input current monitoring.
Umm on looking at it its
15.969A at 12V for some reason
so yeah its right but a different reading in comparison to my old board

My old Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming reported like so (Replaced it as it was on the struggle bus with the 9900KS

Can nothing be done?


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Actually scrub that the old board was also at 12v
its just this board is far more efficient like 95+w less vrm loss at the same load
no wonder i couldnt keep them things cool

201W to the core = 258W at 12v on the old board (it power throttled to 4.7ghz..)
221W to the core = 188W at 12v on the new board (running full speed)

my bad i was reading it wrong
keep up the good work love hwinfo
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