PSU Incorrect display +12V Power


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I use the Corsair HXi series power supply, which can monitor consumption.
I have noticed for a long time that the display of consumption by 12V has become incorrect. After starting the program, consumption is shown for a second, and then goes to the 0 mark.
I thought the release of new versions of the program would fix the problem, but unfortunately it did not help. What could be the problem?
This has been discussed several times here and it can be caused by running Corsair software along with HWiNFO or unreliable protocol.
Corsair software is installed, but not running, and all Corsair services are also disabled.
The rest of the PSU parameters are monitored correctly (Except +12V Power and Power).
Oops, after changing the HWiNFO window, the parameter string +12V Power disappeared.
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