Q6600/DQ965GF Incorrect CPU Die Temp


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New here; please be kind! Did a search and found nothing, so here we go ...

Just installed 3.88-1400 on a Win 2008 Standard server 64-bit.

M/B: Intel DQ965GF
CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad core

Core temps read 42,38,35,37 degrees
CPU Die (Intel QST) reads 135 degrees... (meltdown time?)

With a much older version of HWInfo32, the CPU Die read around -35 degrees (yes, minus)

I think I read somewhere that this MB/CPU combo reports the overhead and not the actual temp, hence the minus. Just wonder if the latest version subtracts the temp reading from the max to generate the CPU Die temp?

In any event, seems there is an error here!

Thanks in advance, and thanks for an excellent product!

Hi Peter,

the Intel DTS sensor indeed doesn't return the straight temperature, but it returns an offset from the maximum temperature Tj,max. You can find more information about it here: http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-CPU-Core-temperature-measuring-via-DTS-Facts-Fictions
You can also verify/change the Tj,max used for your CPU when you right-click on the sensor value and select "Adjust Tj,max".
Since the QST sensor seems to return the offset temperature sometimes, I updated it to substract from Tj,max. But it seems there's a bug, so I'll check and try to fix it in the next build.
Hi Martin

Thanks for your reply.

No setting to adjust Tj,Max on CPU Die, only on CPU#0 Core0,1,2 3.

Just checked Intel documentation and the max temp for this CPU (at 95W) seems to be 71 degrees. When Tj,Max is set to this, the core temps drop to 25, 20, 17 and 19! CPU Die remains around 135. Think I will reset Tj,Max back to 90.

Yes, that's how it behaves.
Tomorrow I'm planning to release a new public Beta (pre-release), where the QST temperature should be fixed too.