Quadro / HWiNFO inaccurate sensor data


First of all, many thanks for your great program. I love it!
I'm using HWiNFO 6.23-4090 and a Quadro fan device. I updated the aquasuite and quadro firmware yesterday.
Aquasuite is now x.12, quadro firmware is 1018.

The sensor data in HWiNFO are wrong with this version. Some Data are missing are way to high.
Fan1/3 RPM is missing, Fan Volate 1-3 is missing. Values for Fan rpm/power are wrong.


  • aquasuite-sensordaten-quadro.png
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  • hwinfo-sensordaten-quadro.png
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Looks like they changed format of reporting values without notifying us...
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis, hopefully I can determine the new layout.
was looking for this.
thank you for fixing it. i really, really appreciate the work and dedication you put in this software!
(especially in spite of uncooperative companies like aquacomputer)