Re the Sensors


Now I am on a well known forum for Windows 7 and I tell them that the HW Info is the program to use to get detailed info on components. I don't want to sound critical but several of my friends have asked why the update window keeps popping up  and more importantly one is concerned that HW Info can disable sensors within their machines.

One quote +
"Thanks yep I found the download link

Kept warning about a couple sensors so I closed it and uninstalled

Not sure if it was disabling it's own sensors or what


"If you can ask what the deal is with the utility and it's finding of other sensors = 1 example is corsair link software I forget what the first sensor it found and did go any further with the corsair link sensor finding before I closed it and uninstalled it,"

Can someone please let me know what this is about as I do use HW an awful lot and get the other forum memebrs to use it for my info when helping out with fixes.

I am sure there is nothing unusual with the program because I have been using it now for over three years without fault.
The update window is popping up to notify the user that there's a new update for HWiNFO available. You can either disable it completely, or just disable notifications about Beta releases.

It's impossible that HWiNFO physically disables sensors in a machine. The warnings displayed concern only the readout of certain sensors, which can cause problems on some systems (like higher system load while reading values from those sensors), so HWiNFO is warning the user about this and offers that it will disable (= skip reading this sensor). It will of course not perform any changes to the sensor in machine - just ignore it. Maybe the wording is confusing, I'll try to make it more clear.

I'm not sure about the Corsair Link sensor question, but I assume it's again the warning displayed by HWiNFO about this particular sensor. HWiNFO can read all values from this sensor, but since the protocol used by Corsair doesn't allow other tools to access the sensor when Corsair Link software is running, HWiNFO warns about this. So you have 2 choices offered - either you disable (uninstall) the Corsair software and use HWiNFO to monitor the Corsair devices, or you keep Corsair and then HWiNFO will ignore (not read) that sensor. There's again no change done to the physical sensor. There is a lot of users which don't like the Corsair software and prefer other tools like HWiNFO to monitor their devices instead. This warning is just to make sure the user doesn't use both tools at once.

In either case the term "disable sensors" means that HWiNFO will ignore it.

I hope my explanations will help to understand the situation. If there are any other questions, let me know...