Read raw value instead a converted one?


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Same as title i try to see raw value of my ssd temperature because i think it's raw value is already converted in °C
when power on pc when it is cold raw value is the actual ambient temperature but all programs convert this and we see a higher temperature that is not real 
i think this is a firmware bug of this ssd (crucial BX300) but there is no firmware update :(
Please attach a screenshot of the main HWiNFO window listing drive details including the SMART attributes data list.
but in hwinfo isn't raw value 
look the temperature in hdd scan in raw value is 22 and is always a decimal number
There are 19° in my room and ssd is cold and raw value i think is the real ssd temperature and not 34°
all temperature monitoring program have this problem (also crucial storage executive)


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22 in HDDScan is the value in hexadecimal format, this is 34 decimal.
HWiNFO shows the decimal value, which you can easily convert to hexadecimal.
Anyway, I don't understand why you need to know the hexadecimal number and read it as is (22 °C), as using this number is certainly not valid.
because i think that raw (hddscan) value is not expressed in exadecimal but in decimal (in a exadecimal line)
So all the program convert this value in decimal but is already expressed in decimal, So a wrong temperature reported.
On the other hdd value is decimal also in hddscan (see attachment)
It's so difficult explain this issue  :D
Is there any possibilities to have the raw value displayed in hwinfo? Or something to change to fix these?


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Sry i try now with cold pc (17°C) and hddscan report the exadecimal number (1C) , so i think the temperature sensor of this ssd is so bad :(