Renamed items and number of tables does not stick/save properly


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Hi and thanks for an awesome tool, I monitor 8 GPU's for mining and this tool is by far the mest relating to its customization possibilities and also to add another table to view more data on the screen. However when i have renamed the 8 GPU's relating to their physical position in the rig and added another table, these settings does not stick with me when i reboot the computer?

Am I doing something wrong or is this something that needs to be adressed?

Thank you!
Try to first close HWiNFO so that those settings are saved and then reboot.
Thank you Martin! I've tried as you said and after that it now saves correctly after restart. Mayhap I had a crash so it didnt close properly before, Much obliged! And lightning fast response speed!
While I'm here, is there a way to add empty rows in HWinfo? I want my GPU-data for each card to be on a separate table so I need some empty rows to ensure that there arent 2-3 datapoints in the left table and the remainer in the right table
You can use your custom order - either drag-and-drop the items or use the "Layout" screen in sensor settings to change order or insert empty rows.