[Request] Can we get g-sync on indicator

dmr said:
Something else. I have installed older version od HWinfo, do I have to uninstall that version before I run this latest? I notice that some sensors are disabled in this new versions like I setup in that installed older version!?

There should be no need to uninstall it.
Hmm, ok then. But where program store informations about what sensor is disabled and what not :) I just uninstalled old version and when I run this new ver. all earlier disabled sensors are disabled in this new version also. Is it in registry?
Yes, in registry. You can delete all those settings by pressing the "Reset Preferences" button in main settings.
Have you also seen my previous post if the G-Sync device is enabled while HWiNFO starts?
didn't see sorry. Yes it is enabled all the time, but it is freesync monitor and works with nvidia gsync without any problems like gsync compatible monitor.

EDIT: There is option in control panel to turn on gsync indicator when the gsync is active. Can you track that comand and use that signal?

No, I cannot track that command.
Can you try to launch HWiNFO while G-Sync is active? I'd like to see if that will perhaps give a different output.
Yes please. But to me it looks like the problem is that this is not a native G-Sync monitor, so the functions I found and use don't accept it.
Hmmm maybe, but indicator from NV CP works like it should on native gsync monitor. There is no "G-Sync Synchronized" again, here is debug file. I also read that Special K injector have its own g sync indicator, did not try although.


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Ok thank you very much for this!!!! If anyone knows something more about this signal or if anyone have native gsync monitor please to try this test version of hwinfo64 and to see is there a "G-Sync Synchronized" sensos under GPU. Thanks to all!!!
Thank you too for the testing and sorry for the negative result so far. Maybe one day I'll have more luck...
I asked my friend who also have native gsync monitor to test and he also doesn't have "G-Sync Synchronized" sensor. Attached his dbg file.



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Thanks. It looks like the method I have tried is completely useless (even though NVIDIA documentation says it should work)..
I found another method but I don't know how to use it properly yet... :(
Hello, I'd also like to ask for this feature, since behavior of G-SYNC is quite inconsistent from my experience. It usually works fine but when I alt-tab to desktop and return back to the game, it sometimes won't activate back. But the bigger problem is that whenever I update nvidia drivers it totally breaks G-SYNC functionality and I have to spend good 30+ mins trying to make it work again. Therefore, I always keep using nvidia's indicator from CP, but that thing is so huge that it seriously breaks the immersion.

I own G-SYNC laptop and also G-SYNC external monitor, so I'd help you with testing as much as possible.

By the way, Martin, I'm also from Slovakia, so I could even help you in real-time using phone, if needed.
Thanks for your offer :)
I have spent a lot of time on analyzing how this indication could be done, but unfortunately NVIDIA doesn't seem to provide the required methods. Even functions provided by them at NDA level don't seem to work as I'd expect :-( It's quite possible that NVIDIA keep this know-how for itself only and doesn't want share with others. Not a big surprise for NVIDIA...
If anyone would come across more (programming) information regarding this, I'd be happy to check it and see how to implement.
What a shame... I don't understand how it would hurt them to allow SW developers to monitor G-SYNC activity since it can be done through CP anyways; it's just not very convenient to have it constantly on screen. But thank you very much for your effort anyways. I really hope that there could be some way to do this.