[REQUEST] Write to EC /manual fan control on Dell XPS laptops

Ok. Some kind of visual information would be nice though, what is currently active or not. Maybe color the fan icon, green=system control, red all off, orange custom control, or something, and also a mouse over info box over the button.

Then also if you click system control for fan1 or fan2, it should set the other, and vice versa. There is no system control for just fan1 or fan2. Theyre coupled for system control.
I have to say, that the manual fan mode doesnt work 100% anymore (setting custom fan speeds still work) with bios 1.7.0, so bios 1.6.0 is the last working properly for the 9570. The issue is, that with 1.7.0 Dell changed the dGPU behavior, causing the fans to spin with 100% chance, the moment a dGPU poll was triggerd (for example opening HwInfo waking up the dGPU). Even if it just for a brief second, this causes the fans to spin for 9 seconds. This was already reported to Dell, and they answered in an arrogant way, that is is "working as intended".


Problem is, that the two ec registers are ignored for this dGPU fan trigger with 1.7.0.

Would it maybe be possible to implement a write to fan RPM ec register every x ms? I think this method is for example used in tools like NBFC by Mr. Hirschmann ( https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc ).

Or implement a check by HwInfo every 250-1000 ms, if the fan speeds are coresponding with HwInfos desired values, if not, overwrite them again.
Hey Martin,

thank you for implementing a function which disables the Dell EC fan control mechanismn. Thats very nice. Now I can use HWiNFO64 to control the fans of my Dell T5600 workstation. I'm using the beta 3640. Works perfectly!
...only for 3 fans.
The T5600 has up to 7 fans (incl. 2nd CPU fan) + GPU fan(s), and I cannot find an option to activate the HWiNFO64 fan control for more than 3 fans. Question: Is it possible to implement a feature which expand the fan control to...lets say...8 fans? For "special users" maybe as an option in HWiNFO64.INI ?


I will have a look at some hysteresis for spin-down

Thank you for your great work Martin. With alienware models at least (17r4), I get full pwm fan control. The cpu fan (in hwinfo) controls both laptop fans, which I'm ok with. However it sucks I'm limited to 6 different temperature, or there's no way to gradually increase and decrease fan speeds. Is there a way to implement either into the fan control?
Thank you for your considerations