Ryzen 5900x: different temperatures between 7.02 vs 7.04


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I have a Ryzen 5900x and in version 7.02 my CPU idle temperatures would go down as low as 32-33*C. But in 7.04 in the same condition it will never go lower than 40*C.
What changed?
I have Asus B550-F.
I've been using HWInfo since earlier version (that was available in December, 2020) and then upgraded to 7.02 and it always did show the same temperatures. However idle temperatures are way higher now.
What version is telling the true?


I'm talking especially about CPU Tctl/Tdie sensor. I'm idling right now at the moment of this screenshot and in 7.02 it shows 35*C.
Can you check if there's a difference in CPU load/utilization between v7.02 and 7.04?
Might be also interesting to see if there are perhaps different sensors seen or some of them is taking longer time to read (Profiling Time column).