Ryzen CPU tj max, thermal trip limit


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Hi Martin,
Just curious :) , on HWinfo64 there're infos from HWInfo64 about my Ryzen CPU tj Max, and CPU thermal trip limit, are these infos from inside the CPU? Also what the use for CPU tj Max? is it for info of maximum safe temperature? a warning before CPU start to degrade? and what CPU thermal trip limit temperature for? I assume CPU thermal trip limit is for shutdown the system to avoid degradation any further, is this correct?.

Thanks in advance :).
Yes, these values are read from inside the CPU and determine when the CPU starts thermal throttling and shutdown if the temperature exceeds the maximum limit.
There's an additional value called "High Temperature Clock Limit" which determines the maximum allowed clock when the temperature exceeds the threshold.
hi again Martin,
on other Ryzen (R5 2400G) seems HWInfo64 doesnt give info about tjmax... is this can be revealed or theres none from inside this CPU?


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For some CPU families (i.e. the Raven Ridge) it's not possible to read the actual Tj,max value from internal registers.