SATA Interface Speed Supported: 6.0 Gbps - Current Speed: 3.0 Gbps?


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Hey guys,

HWiNFO says that the supported interface speed of my SATA ports is at 6.0 Gbps (Gen 3). But all my three harddrives (2x ssd, 1x hdd) run at 3.0 Gbps (Gen 2). At least that's what HWiNFO says. I wonder why, since all three of the drives support SATA III and apparently the ports themselves do as well.

You can have a look at the screenshot down here.

Any help is appreciated, have a nice day!! :)

It might be a limitation by BIOS/driver.
Is the interface speed listed under particular drives lower as well?
Theoretically yes, the speed might be degraded. Another reason might be power management - try to put some heavy I/O load on the drive(s) and start HWiNFO again to check the speed.
I tried both (using a new cable, which is definitely SATA III and putting some heave I/O load on the drives) but nothing changed.