Confused whether port is Sata 3 or Sata 2


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He guys,

I'm using lenovo y510p but the speed of my ssd in the ultrabay is only about 280mb/s. I'm thinking of switching the SSD with internal HDD but before that, I want to make sure the internal HDD port is SATA 3.

Attached are the snapshots of HWinfo and crystal disk info (showing that SSD running on sata 2 while HDD also runs at SATA 2). I'm abit confused here as to why HWINFO shows that the controller supports sata 3 but the speed i'm getting is only sata 2.

can someone tell me whether i'm having sata 2 or sata 3 ports before I switch the SSD with HDD?




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Your SATA ports should really be capable of SATA Gen3, but I'm not sure why the current speed is downgraded. It might be a limitation in BIOS or inability to establish Gen3 communication (cable?).