Save Report - Working at Home Adventures - Comparing Machines with Details in HWINFO filename

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Greetings from Azilda Ontario Canada - about 5 hours North of Toronto.
All local stores are out of desktop ram, laptop ram, and solid state drives since early March 2020 with no more coming out of China.
Social distancing and working from home started for me March 17th by gathering and dusting off multiple computers to set up for family members.
3 laptops had been hiding in their black bags since we moved in October 2018.
Used HWINFO to grab hardware details then save as files - initially to usb stick, then to OneDrive.
"Save Report" menu option defaults to using the Operating System's 15 character (LETTERS+NUMBERS+hyphen) "Computer Name".
Example: DESKTOP-6557PFR.HTM
Scrolled through each report file to pick out what mattered most for choosing parts to mix and match among 8 machines.
Computer Name,
Type - Desktop or Laptop
BIOS Date,
Ram capacity ( usually 16gig for laptop and 32gig for desktop)
Number of Ram slots ( usually 2 for laptop and 4 for desktop)
Ram type ( ddr2 old, ddr3 most, ddr4 newest)
Installed Ram in each slot - example 4+0+4+0=8gig
Hard drive capacity and type hdd (rotating) or ssd (newer solid state)
Started with a separate sheet of paper for each machine listing details as above then realized the
Windows randomly generated setting for Computer Name could be changed to actually mean something:
In the above group 06 11 17 correspond to bios years of 2006 2011 2017.
XP or 10 is the Operating System.
3 machines all 2014 vintage are distinguished by processor - 143 is i3, 145 is i5, 147 is i7
Ran HWINFO again and verified that revised Computer Names came through as report filenames.
Renamed each file in OneDrive to include what mattered most directly in each filename
Gave up on paper tracking - Windows Explorer is far better.
Suggest that the HWINFo programming team expand the Save Report logic with a clickable menu
of summary details to include in the output filename.\
Computer Name (default=on)
HWINFO32 or HWINFO64 (default=on)
Bios Date YYYY-MM-DD (default=on)
Current Date and Time YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM (default=on)
Desk or Laptop
Installed Ram & Slots
Maximum supported Ram
Drives size & type hdd or ssd.
Including Current Date and Time in the filename helps to compare Before and After test results.
User choices can be saved in a file for next time.
Famous old saying - "He who laughs last, probably made a backup"
John Allan
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