scary vid


hi, i update bios right now, use same settings as was before, but before i never seen vid higher than 1.324 or something like that, now is just with start hwinfo with no play games or use something too heavy, i see what i afraid - 1.390 max at all cores, vcore btw same as before(1.315, set at 1.300), is it bios problem? or sensor or is it really cpu see real 1.390v?! thank you or [font=Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/font]
btw, this vid is changes all time is can be 1.370 or 1.390 before bios was updated to this version, is was 1.306-1.324, what i read about vid is what cpu wait with curent frequency, but is changed dynamicaly, so cpu now wait dynamical change voltage depend of loading, but vcore show real voltage of cores? right?
and cpu internal errors :( it was only when i start use pc with 1.280v vcore, 1.290 bsod, and 1.300 stable and no errors, now this high vid and errors after play crysis 3 i don't want to set voltage more than 1.300, as befor is was never errors with this voltage, do you guys think i have to post this on the msi forum?
Yes, as this was most probably caused by the BIOS update, it would be better to post this on MSI forums.
i did try, but web said try next time server overload or something like that, i back to my first choice of vcore voltage 1.280, same crazy vid, vcore max 1.296 vr vout max 1.277 no errors, i'll try register in msi forum again, what i found in the internet vid is not real voltage, so it's ok, cpu temperatures dropes to 66 from 70, so far all right except vid, thank you
edit - just post about this at msi forum, will look
p.s. btw auto vcore set with 5hz 1.420v :) i knew auto is always crazy choice with overclock, but 1.420...
You might seek advice also on the forums. A lot of experienced folks there with dedicated threads for various mainboards/CPUs.
back to v1.20, 1.30 crazy unpedictable, can work all day at 1.280 vcore no errors with play game(crysis 3) then can not load windows and force me to restart by psu off/on, no other way to restart... so i back to v1.20 set vcore to 1.300 as is was before, and must be stop update bios till next version may be, or stay with this version forever