Screen position cosmetic bug


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Hi there,

I'm using HWInfo64 v4.40.2240 here on what was a 3 monitor setup but is now a 2 monitor setup (I've had to remove one of the monitors for something else).

The problem is that when I run the program and click on 'Run' from the Welcome dialogue because I had the application on the (now missing) 3rd monitor it jumps to that screen so I can't get it. The system summary and CPU use windows appear on my 2nd monitor which is fine.

I've got around this now by removing the \HKCU\Software\HWiNFO64\Wndxxx entries but if you're looking at the draw code perhaps a check to see if the current position is off the screen could be included.

Really useful program by the way, thanks.

Hi David,
there's a check for such a situation in HWiNFO, but I'm not sure why it didn't work in your case.
Anyway, pressing the "Reset Preferences" button in Settings will fix this as well.
Thanks for that, I'll try that if I do something as stupid in the future.

Looking at the values something weird must have happened to the Y values. The new WndTopY is 200 with WndBottomY ones being 967, but before the WndTopY and WndBottomY ones where 0xfffffcc4 (4294966468) and ffffff8a (4294967178) respectfully.

When I get the third monitor back I'll see if I can replicate the problem.
That's interesting :) The question is if those values happened after you remove the 3rd monitor and before they were correct...
Please let me know if you can reproduce it and I'll check that.
Anyway, I'll try to implement an additional validity check...