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how i know if my laptop have one or more disk drive
and what type of disk ( ssd / hdd / dvd )

i use vlookup in excel to collect data from many laptops
Drive Controller:​
Host Controller:​
Drive Model:​
Drive Firmware Revision:​
Drive Serial Number:​
World Wide Name:​
Drive Capacity:​
Drive Capacity [MB]:​
Media Rotation Rate:​
Nominal Form Factor:​
ATA Major Version Supported:​
ATA Minor Version Supported:​
ATA Transport Version Supported:​
Number of Cylinders:​
Number of Heads:​
Sectors Per Track:​
Number of Sectors:​
Total 32-bit LBA Sectors:​
Total 48-bit LBA Sectors:​
Logical Sector Size:​
Cache Buffer Size:​
Sectors Per Interrupt:​
Max. PIO Transfer Mode:​
Multiword DMA Mode:​
Singleword DMA Mode:​
Ultra-DMA Mode:​
Max. Multiword DMA Transfer Rate:​
Max. PIO with IORDY Transfer Rate:​
Max. PIO w/o IORDY Transfer Rate:​
Native Command Queuing:​
TRIM Command:​
Fixed Drive:​
Removable Drive:​
Magnetic Storage:​
LBA Mode:​
DMA Mode:​
IORDY Disableable:​
Write Cache:​
S.M.A.R.T. Feature:​
Security Feature:​
Removable Media Feature:​
Power Management:​
Advanced Power Management:​
Packet Interface:​
Look-Ahead Buffer:​
Host Protected Area:​
Power-Up In Standby:​
Automatic Acoustic Management:​
48-bit LBA:​
Host-Initiated Link Power Management:​
Device-Initiated Link Power Management:​
In-Order Data Delivery:​
Hardware Feature Control:​
Software Settings Preservation:​
NCQ Autosense:​
Link Power State Device Sleep:​
Hybrid Information Feature:​
Rebuild Assist:​
Power Disable:​
All Write Cache Non-Volatile:​
Extended Number of User Addressable Sectors:​
CFast Specification:​
NCQ Priority Information:​
Host Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions:​
Device Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions:​
NCQ Streaming:​
NCQ Queue Management Command:​
DevSleep to Reduced Power State:​
Out Of Band Management Interface:​
Extended Power Conditions Feature:​
Sense Data Reporting Feature:​
Free-Fall Control Feature:​
Write-Read-Verify Feature:​
Security Feature:​
Security Status:​
Security Locked:​
Security Frozen:​
Enhanced Security Erase:​
Sanitize Feature:​
Sanitize Device - Crypto Scramble:​
Sanitize Device - Overwrite:​
Sanitize Device - Block Erase:​
Sanitize Device - Antifreeze Lock:​
Device Encrypts All User Data:​
Trusted Computing:​